Has Vettel turned the corner?

Sebastian Vettel has had an uncharacteristically tough start to 2020. After five races, Vettel has only 10 World Championship points, 35 less than his own team-mate, Charles Leclerc, and 97 less than championship leader Lewis Hamilton. Vettel has looked out of sorts on the track and seemed at a loss for what has caused his... Continue Reading →

Vettel puts his foot in his mouth

On the podium after winning the Bahrain Grand Prix, interviewer David Coulthard asked race winner Sebastian Vettel to show the cameras a lucky charm on his racing boots. Vettel casually lifted his leg a little, dropped it and said “I don’t get my legs so high, because I’m not a woman." Exactly what Vettel meant is... Continue Reading →

Ruthless Vettel

Yesterday's Malaysian Grand Prix delivered some controversy, at least within the Red Bull team. Against team orders, Sebastian Vettel passed Mark Webber - banging wheels with his team-mate along the way - and went on to win the race. Webber was understandably furious afterwards, as was Red Bull team principal Christian Horner. Vettel has been... Continue Reading →

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