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Mercedes showing sneak peek of W04

The new Mercedes Formula One car – the W04 – will be unveiled formally tomorrow 4 February in Jerez, Spain, before taking to the track on Tuesday for the start of testing. In advance of the launch, Mercedes have come up with a novel way of generating interest in the new car. The Mercedes website is showing an image of a pit garage that started out closed on Saturday afternoon, but will open gradually as fans tweet the hashtag #F1W04Reveal.

There has been a flood of #F1W04Reveal tweets since the news of the early reveal broke on the team’s website yesterday. Hits at chrisonf1.com and mercamgf1-fans.com have spiked significantly as eager fans searched for photos of the car that Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will drive in 2013.

The garage door is opening very slowly, but the car is becoming steadily more visible as time goes by. So far, it is clear that the stepped nose of 2012 has been covered, as seen on all of the launched cars except the Lotus E21. It also looks like the front wing has had undergone some serious revision.

Photos of the car will be available at chrisonf1.com after the formal launch tomorrow 4 February.


Mercedes W04 teaser image

Mercedes have released the above teaser image of their new car – the W04 – which is set to be launched on Monday 4 February in Jerez, Spain.

Although the image is not very clear for obvious reasons, it does seem to show a stepped nose similar to that on last year’s W03. The lack of cover on the step suggests that Lotus’s James Allison was not alone in seeing no point in pursuing aesthetics for no performance gain. It is likely that stepped noses will continue to be a feature of most of the cars this season.

Other features that are visible on the W04 teaser are Petronas branding on the rear wing and sidepods, which is carried over from the W03 and a normal air intake above the driver’s head – Mercedes experimented with a split intake in 2010, but have apparently abandoned the idea permanently.

Mercedes have given nothing away in the teaser. In fact, if not for the W04 text on the image, it could just as well be the 2012 car. Any new and interesting visual features on the car will have to wait for the launch on Monday.

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