Forget Bahrain

The Bahrain Grand Prix has been prominent in the media for the last year and a bit. The 2011 race was cancelled due to political instability in the island state, and recent protests have thrown this year's race into question. But why is there a race there at all? The track is arguably the most boring... Continue Reading →

Look out for Ferrari

Ferrari is the oldest, most successful, most glamorous team in Formula 1. Never too far from the front of the grid, the cars in red play a larger part than most in making Formula 1 the spectacle that it is. Ferrari can never be counted out, and the team from Maranello is due a championship.... Continue Reading →

Accident Prone

Robert Kubica is widely regarded as one of the most talented Formula 1 drivers around. Unfortunately, he also seems to attract trouble - in the form of horrific crashes. In 2007, Kubica crashed at well over 200km/h at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. His car hit a concrete wall head-on and then bumped and... Continue Reading →


The German dream team was created for the 2010 season. Mercedes returned to Formula 1, Michael Schumacher returned to Formula 1, and up-and-coming star Nico Rosberg joined the team. Mercedes had bought Brawn, the team that won both championships in 2009. Who could compete with them? As it turned out, everyone could compete with Mercedes.... Continue Reading →

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