Accident Prone

Robert Kubica is widely regarded as one of the most talented Formula 1 drivers around. Unfortunately, he also seems to attract trouble – in the form of horrific crashes.

In 2007, Kubica crashed at well over 200km/h at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. His car hit a concrete wall head-on and then bumped and rolled down the track for a few hundred metres before coming to a stop on its side. Remarkably, he was not seriously injured.

Before the start of the 2011 season, Kubica was seriously injured in a rally crash in which his car was impaled on a guardrail. He had serious injuries to his right arm and hand, and right leg, and was fortunate to survive. He is still recovering from the crash and has not driven a racing car since.

More recently, it was reported yesterday that Kubica slipped and fell on an icy road in Italy, re-opening the fracture in his right leg sustained in his 2011 rally accident.

While this latest incident is a setback for him, the racing world still watches in the hope that Robert Kubica will make a complete recovery and return to racing soon.


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