Massa rates Alonso above Schumacher

Felipe Massa is in the unusual position of having been team-mate to three world champions - Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso. He partnered Schumacher during the German's last year as a Ferrari driver before he retired for the first time, then raced alongside Kimi Raikkonen for three seasons, and has spent the last... Continue Reading →

The story of Raikkonen and Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen will rejoin Ferrari on a two-year deal from 2014. This marks the only time in Ferrari's history that it has re-signed a previous Ferrari World Champion for more than a one-off race. Raikkonen therefore has a unique second bite at the Ferrari apple - a chance to take an already successful history with... Continue Reading →

Raikkonen “happy to be returning to Maranello”

Following Ferrari's announcement today that Kimi Raikkonen will be rejoining the team on a two-year deal from 2014, Raikkonen has expressed his enthusiasm for his historica return to the famous Italian team. Raikkonen told the Ferrari website: “I am really happy to be returning to Maranello where I previously spent three fantastic and very successful... Continue Reading →

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