Moss compares Vettel to Fangio

Formula One legend Sir Stirling Moss has compared double World Champion Sebastian Vettle to five-time champion Juan Manuel Fangio, saying, “Vettel is a modern Fangio really in Formula One. One doesn’t know other than his natural ability how he is that good, how he can be that good really.” 

The comparison is no faint praise. Until Michael Schumacher dominated the early 2000’s, Fangio’s five titles had appeared insurmountable. In a remarkable career, Fangio was runner-up in his other two full seasons of Formula One and won 24 out of the 51 races he entered. In addition to his glittering achievements on the track, he was a well-respected and much loved member of the Formula One community.

Sebastian Vettel is the current World Champion, and achieved his second title in 2011 with dominance not seen since the Schumacher era of ten years ago. Vettel is known for his sense of humour, in addition to his blinding speed.

Vettel must surely be the pre-season favourite for 2012. In 2011 he was in a class of his own, and the confidence he will have gained from his second championship makes him even more formidable this season.

The World Champion will be in action at the second test in Barcelona, starting tomorrow 21 February. Vettel will drive for the first two days of the test, handing over to Mark Webber for Thursday and Friday.


2 thoughts on “Moss compares Vettel to Fangio

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  1. I think it’s way too soon for Sir Stirling to put Vettel in the Fangio bracket. Fangio won championships for a number of different constructors. I just hope someone gets the chance to give Red Bull a real run for their (fizzy pop) money this year.

    1. Yes, I agree. If he does it again this year, then the Schumacher comparisons will do the rounds, but he’s not quite in Fangio’s league yet. But Moss does like to throw out his opinions. And they tend to be about his era in Formula 1, which is not really all that relevant to today.

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