Single DRS zone for Canada

In 2011, the FIA experimented with a double DRS zone in Canada. The result was a great deal of overtaking, so much so that it was thought to be too easy. This weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix will therefore feature only one DRS zone.

Last years’ first DRS zone was from on the back straight before the final chicane. The second zone was on the start-finish straight. There was only one detection point, before the first zone, which meant a driver who made a pass in the first zone would still be able to use DRS in the sescond zone, even though the move had already been completed.

This year, the second zone has been scrapped entirely. The first zone has been shortened by 50 metres, which should assist in making overtaking a little more challenging. As usual, DRS may be used anywhere on the circuit during the practice and qualifying sessions.


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