Montezemolo congratulates Vettel and Red Bull

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has issued his congratulations to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull after the FIA clarified that Sebastian Vettel had not made an illegal pass in the final race in Brazil.

In the aftermath of the Brazilian Grand Prix, video footage surfaced that seemed to show Sebastian Vettel passing Jean-Eric Vergne under yellow flags. Passing under yellow flags is forbidden and punishable by the stewards. Ferrari requested clarification from the FIA about the incident, and were informed that the pass was legal and there was therefore nothing to investigate.

With the controversy emerging immediately after the conclusion of the championship, Ferrari have been accused of being sore losers, not least of all by Bernie Ecclestone, who described Ferrari’s action as “completely and utterly wrong.” Nonetheless, now that the FIA has closed the matter, Ferrari appear to have moved on. During Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali celebrations, Montezemolo had the following to say:

““Congratulations go to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull because they won and we are happy to congratulate winners, hoping and wishing that next year we are on the receiving end of these compliments. As for the yellow flag saga, we took the simplest and most linear route, by asking the Federation to look into it, making it clear that we would accept their decision and that’s what we did.”


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