First image of Force India VJM07 revealed

The Sahara Force India VJM07 (Image: Force India F1 Team)
The Sahara Force India VJM07 (Image: Force India F1 Team)

Force India became the first F1 team to release a 2014 car image when they tweeted an image of their new car, the VJM07, yesterday.

The car features a striking new livery that combines the colours of the Indian flag, used for almost all of their previous seasons, with a generous amount of black, particularly on the engine cover and around the front of the cockpit.

Although it’s clear that the new car has a low nose, as  required by the 2014 regulations, the side image does not show the front of the car in any particular detail. We will have to wait for a front image to see the details of their narrow nose solution. If it’s anything like that of the Williams FW36, revealed today, it will dominate the car’s profile in an unfortunate manner.

The car clearly features the longer sidepods required this season for safety reasons and a noticeable difference from last season’s car is the lack of side-exiting exhausts. The exhaust is not visible in this photo as it exits at the rear of the car and is hidden in this view by the rear wing end-plates.

More images will be available when the car takes to the track in Jerez, Spain next week.


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