Mercedes driver line-up unlikely to change

In recent weeks, there has been much speculation about the possibility of Lewis Hamilton moving to Mercedes, either to replace a retiring Michael Schumacher or to swap seats with Nico Rosberg. Hamilton and McLaren have said nothing definitive about the continuation of their relationship, and Mercedes have not confirmed their driver pairing either.

However, today quoted Nico Rosberg as saying “I will definitely be with the Silver Arrows next year,” which, although not an official team statement, does seem to suggest that the only potential change at Mercedes would involve Schumacher.

Rosberg reportedly went on to say “I think it would be right for Michael to stay, as well. We get along well but there is good competition between us. He is still driving at a very, very high level and it’s a challenge to be up against him. Together, we’re pushing the team forward well.”

Rosberg’s statement shows that Schumacher’s future is not yet decided, but also that the seven-time World Champion still has much to offer. That, added to Heinz-Harald Frentzen’s vote of confidence in Schumacher in recent days, suggests that the legendary German is likely to stick with Mercedes for at least another season.

If the Mercedes driver pairing does stay the same for next season, that of course raises the question of what will happen to Hamilton. While he has not announced a move, negotiations with McLaren do not seem to be progressing, which will no doubt continue to fuel speculation about his future.

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